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Aklife Import & Export

                        AKLİFE TRADING COMPANY   

 In 1984 we the Akçaren family started wholesale food trade with the brand “Aklar Gıda” under the leadership of our late
father, Hacı Yusuf Akçaren. later our consistent and sincere eorts began to bear fruit. The rst venture of our said commercial
activity, which we started from the core, in Istanbul was with our rst market we opened in Bahçelievler in 1994. Then we took
our place in Mega Center, one of the important centers of food wholesale in our country. In 2005, we continued on our way with
a center and four stores. However, the rapid change and transformation of food retailing has led us to create brands in dierent
models of retailing. As a result, our Aklar Cash & Carry, Aklife and Aklar Gross brands came to life and were gathered under the
umbrella of Aklar Group.
Aklife Trading Company founded within Aklar Group, and carries out export-oriented marketing projects. In this respect, it
carries out the marketing of internationally famous brands and Turkey’s leading brands, as well as brands of its own production.
It exports these products to countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The goal of our company is to bring domestic brands
born in our country, together with their own brands, to a larger sales volume in international markets. In the course of time, it
seems that it has largely achieved its goal with competitive prices and quality brands. The outward-looking and dynamic
structure of our company inspires us to achieve our goals for the future. Our aforementioned international trade is carried out
with our overseas connections and partners, which are an important component of our marketing network. We are taking rm
steps forward with the solid and mutual gain model we have established with them. On this occasion, we care about the success
of our domestic producers together with our foreign partners. Because their success is our success.